[home]: It Was Supposed To Rain


I've been planning to take my DSLR camera around the house for a while now - especially since front garden seemed to have somehow recovered from winter and even our grass in the backyard does not look half bad.  I must say that I was quite busy and today I was expecting rain based on weather forecast and gloomy skies. I even ran out this morning to add some more grass seeds to some of the areas we 'freed up' in our backyard from ornamental grass (or however it is called).

Well, it did not show up. Instead, we got sunshine in the early afternoon and I took a couple of area rugs out to bask in the sun. And then, in between the errands, I snapped a few iPhone pics... 

Well this first photo collage the resulting carnage of 'trimming' a few trees and bushes in the backyard... It is quite sad that we had to resort to cutting so much, but unfortunately, homeowners before us were planting without any plans, plants were suffering from too many of them being at the same place and not catching sun. Something had to give... 

This is a view from the front as of this afternoon. As one can see I did not add any flowers to planters (they are still empty) but at least the front garden is looking lovely. 

And another closer look.., I used to have more peonies but this year, they are scarcely blooming for me.  Hopefully that has nothing to do with my gardening (non) skills.

We  started a garden this year.. or more like it, my parents started a garden for us this year. My dad built these boxes last year and after filling them with more soil this year, my parents planted it all while we were on vacation. What can I say? Best parents ever. Now if only I would actually know what do to with it.. 

Finally, we had a visitor the other day, kids playing in the backyard today (soccer school or whatnot) and my son took a photo of our deck and back of the house. Not bad...

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