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Continuing from previous post here are exterior changes... 

8. Door handle and knocker are black and both from Home Depot. I've visited Ginger's for some nice handles especially on sale, but could not find anything that differed that much in the look for a reasonable price.

9. Ever since I found the photo of the door painted gray a few years ago I wanted to use this on our house.

It was love at first sight not just with the door colour but the whole setup. But I settled for the colour which is BM Chelsea Gray.

10. I've searched for a mailbox high and low - again affordable price but a little bit different look than typical mailboxes. I found a few vintage ones at The Door Store but  ended up with cheaper option that I found at Ginger's  - at $39 Postino Mailbox from Umbra.

11. It is not as visible from the picture but we've widened entrance by pouring cement over existing stairs. Now we do have a bit more space which makes a huge difference.

12. While we want to do a lot more with our front yard, we are taking our time. One change that was a must for me was to put a path going straight for front door. We ended up reusing some of the cement blocks we already had and pouring the rest.

13. This bench is placed here temporarily and mostly because we wanted to shelter it from rain. We will be moving it to the back soon. It was a Loblaws find for $39.

14. Garage doors are nothing great to look at but still decided to repeat BM Chelsea Gray colour. 

15. Cheap black light from Home Depot with square lines.

16. Planted this maple tree to add some visual interest as your eye goes to the front of the house.

17. Reused existing stones that last owners had all over the place to create a bit of edging. 

Now that I've covered what we have done - here is what we still want to/plan to do:

1. We are thinking of adding shutters or window boxes (flower boxes) perhaps or both. It is still just an idea and need to do some research and drawings first.

2. We thought of potentially replacing this window as the colour does not match any other window, but when I learned that it is possible to paint it out - we will go with that. 

3. Landscaping right next to house needs to be changed and we will be looking at examples that we can replicate. We have asked for a quote to fix up our front yard landscaping and it came at $10,000 - so we'll be tackling this ourselves - however it will have to wait on first floor renovations being completed first.

4. Same as #3 - need to create some additional interest and symmetry with our front yard. Also - it is not easy to see from here but this bit of front yard has been artificially raised for no reason really and I want to level it and create interest in a different way.

5. Part of our first floor renovation will be to replace front door so this will be changing as well. I would like to have something that lets more light into the hall.

6. I am thinking painting the path or even splurging on adding some stones on top but we'll have to evaluate that as well as look at the feasibility of it all. 

7. Same as #6 - paint or stone for steps in addition to potentially creating some type of small covering/porch or something. 

8. This window will be replaced during first floor renovation - probably in the same opening - also want to add window box underneath to make it appear taller.

9. This window will be replaced and made higher to add some symmetry to the house.

10. We will be removing these doors as we don't use them and it will allow us to center the window in this room on the inside of the house. 

11. I am thinking of adding some small architectural detail where walls meet roof line. Again - requires more thinking and planning.

12. Garage doors need to be replaced badly!

13. Forgot to add a number but you can guess where it goes - for now we are overseeding this area so that more grass can grow but with people parking on there it gets destroyed quickly. We are thinking of potentially putting gravel here.

It is quite a list!

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