[home]: Basement Progress


Now that most of our dilemmas were decided on one way or another - the basement progress train was chugging along. Here are some of the photos of the work and selections:

Wall choices

As to be almost expected we are bound to run into additional dilemmas and this one had to do with wall choices. I knew that I wanted to have a couple of dark walls - it was just a question weather we went with wallpaper or paint. I have an uneasy relationship with wallpaper and it was out of the question for me to order anything so I needed to rely on selections that were available for immediate purchase (and return of course). There actually aren't too many ready available selections in dark colours but I managed to find one in Benjamin Moore store that was available both as a sample and could be purchased immediately.

I was going for something like this (even though this has more of a purplish hue and I wanted something even darker):

It is not quite easy to see from these very grainy photos, but it just did not look as 'clean' as above picture and was a bit too busy. So paint it was...

I picked couple of dark samples (not paint just chips) from BM (Benjamin Moore) and we both agreed instantly on Black Horizon (2132-30). Loved it once it was painted.

Bathroom Progress

Tiling started and to elevate a bit our simple 4x16 white subway tile, decided on bit of a pattern plus some stainless steel penny rounds.

I've decided on patter on just one of the walls and wanted the penny tile to follow the pattern but the tiler dissuaded me as it would have been hard to line things up. So I've settled on one horizontal line of penny tiles and was trying to decide how thick to make it. As the wall height is not that high (just about 7ft) I've nixed both having two horizontal lines and having a very thick strip. 

We have decided to go with curbless shower based on advice from the contractor and especially as I just came back from Basel, Switzerland hotel where I admired one such shower. Well... as I purchased the floor tiles already and there were none left, we went with same make/colour/etc. tiles in mosaic. 

Laundry Room

Laundry room was not part of the renovation and plan was just to put some insulation on the exterior wall, put doors on it and forget it until we can fit it better in our budget. But my contractor decided that he could not just leave it like that - so we now have a 100% better version of unfinished laundry room (furnace and water heater are exposed basically).

Since walls were finished in the room, we decided to add a bit to budget and tile it as well. I've purchased cheap ($1.5/sq ft) 24x24 cement looking porcelain tiles but this was nixed by the contractor as it would have never looked leveled. I've purchased 12x24 version of the same tile instead. What I really wanted was black hexagon tiles, but at $3.5/sq ft I did not want to pile on expenses.. didn't I say that we were trying to do this on the cheap?!?


Continuing with cheap theme - we knew that laminate was our selection from a get go.. Somewhere along the way I was hoping to run into cheaper hardwood (or engineered wood) that would be what I really really want so that I can justify the expense, but, alas, it did not happen. Search for laminate took a bit of time. We both like the look of white oak, that has more of grayish than yellowish hue, but everything we were finding was quite yellow. Then on one of my trips to Tile Shoppe, I found Havana Oak laminate that we both felt was 'it'. At $1.85/sq ft it was more than anything else we selected, but as German made quality laminate that we liked, we felt it was worth it.

Exterior Door

In addition to interior doors being replaced with glass doors, we decided on adding glass to our exterior doors as well to make sure that in addition to 3 windows we have even more light pouring in. 

Gotta love our security system!


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