[design]: Princess Margaret House Construction


My ritual every year is to visit and take in all the little details that go into one of the Princess Margaret Home Lottery houses and, of course, hope to have a winning ticket. While that luck will probably never knock on my door, I feel better knowing that I support a great cause and get some great design inspiration along the way.

Most of these great houses were designed by Lynda Reeves and that honour was given to Brian Gluckstein last year. With both of these designers there are some really great aspects of their work that I loved in these houses, and some less so. Some of these were even architect designs that they had to work around.  

What I really liked about all of these house is the construction company that executed the work - PCM. I browsed their site and found some great and inspirational projects:

Rita's House
South East Oakville

Cannot wait to see what's in the store this year.

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