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This week I already wrote about Elte Outlet closing sale and Home Sense finds, but I had a chance (or I guess an urge after our vacation) to hit couple of more stores with a two-year old in a tow (fun!).

Restoration Hardware Outlet

40% off purchase sale is replaced by $20 for every $100 spent (so basically less than 20% off unless you buy something rounded to exact hundred). With a toddler getting herself absolutely giddy in this store (probably takes over my excitement) it is rather hard not only to look but to take decent photos. 

I snapped photos of couple of great desks while she was falling off a coffee table and almost knocking off a floor lamp in the process. One of those desks I saw (Vintage Locker Desk) is exactly what I was looking for my son for quite some time. But seeing how much he is enjoying his $15 find, we can wait a bit for a real steal of a deal. This was was around $590 while the one next to it about $350.

There were a couple of Lyon chairs - I liked the gray one.

Even though I currently do not have a need for a vanity, I thought these were a good deal even if the second one in the photo was missing a couple of knobs.

I loved the outdoor furniture - but I am yet to find the one that I can fit close to my budget.

Finally, a few random pieces:

While at Toronto Premium Outlets I spotted Trish Johnston and Sarah Baeumler. Quick Google search uncovers that Trish is designing Bryan and Sarah's house #3 - I am sure it will be great! I also saw that the Baeumlers hosted Baeumler Family Foundation Gala 2014. It looks like it was a lot of fun.

Crate and Barrel

Ever since we purchased our great black bench from C&B and missed on a great picture from their clearance section, I like to drop in from time to time to see what is new. I immediately liked how they styled their pergola especially as I've been thinking about buying the one from Costco at additional $200 off. It is so dreamy...

They also had a couple of more indoor/outdoor vignettes that were speaking my name.

What was also calling my name were table linens, 100% soft linen napkins and table cloths. I would have probably walked out with at least one especially from Mallorca collection which at reduced price was a really good buy, if I did not already have a few unopened table cloth packages at home - reason has prevailed.

Finally, at the clearance section, couple of items caught my eye - this letter pouf and this 5x8 Agra Rug.


I went to two Target locations - first one being the one I think I complained the most about in my earlier post. It seems that somehow I have been heard through some magic, as I was greeted, asked by six employees if I needed any help and did not hear any idle chatter about their lunches, complaints, etc... Yes, 6 different ones and no, I did not spend a whole day there... Unfortunately, I also did not see anything new in the store since three weeks that I was there last. 

In the second Target store they had some newer merchandise (or at least newer to me) but were much slower at adding markdowns to items already marked down in previous store. Basically, it did not seem like anything was on sale and after I inquired, they said they were working on it. Some of the markdowns in the other store were made 3 weeks ago - so I just felt it was a bit inconsistent. 

These stools a low enough to be able to fit under my long table as I have been looking for something of this height - unfortunately, they also don't have the right wood colour... 

Home Sense .. again...

As I mentioned in that earlier post, I am looking for outdoor pieces, so I am frequenting the store more than usual.. Here are some of the additional pieces for this week. 

First lamp photo was snapped by my daughter - not bad for a not-yet-two-year-old-emerging-interior-designer...  Second one was taken by me as I am looking for a pair of lamps for our basement. I am also not rushing to buy anything as I am still slowly adding furniture and decor to the space and want to take it all in first.

I was just mesmerized by this photo, I think it is about $79. So is this mirror that I probably would have purchase on an impulse if I was able to fit in a cart together with my daughter... I took it as a sign and moved on.. I am not crazy for mirrored drawers, chests and nightstands (even if I seem to be taking a lot of photos of them lately), but this one below was really superbly done. Finally, that table runner is too cute.

These items were also very cute for kids rooms/playrooms. I was thinking hard about this 'arrow' shelf unit, and if map had been cheaper ($199) I would have taken it.

This was a very long post, hopefully helpful. Happy hunting!

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