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Similar to a number of Canadians (or at least those that I talk with), I was both excited and a bit sad when I heard Target was coming to Canada. Excitement was, of course, for being able to find those cheap chic items that from time to time I would purchase when passing through US stores especially bigger items which usually I would not be able to buy. A bit of sadness was because now these items would be available to everyone (well this part did not really come true yet).

I must say that I did not anticipate that Target opening in Canada would prove to be such a let down for many including Target itself loosing quite a bit of money in the process. Some have called it 'Zellers with lipstick' and while I cannot quite agree with that, I have had my own share of frustrations with new stores. 

Target has occupied Zellers stores which have, in my opinion, been located in mostly out of the way malls or less frequented ones at that. While I did not take time to visit Zellers in those locations, I do try to make an effort to visit Target whenever I can manage. 

Here are some of my negative experiences:

  • I've found couple of items that I liked in Target store in Florida which I could not purchase as we were flying home and was hoping to purchase them in Canada. I've visited all of the GTA stores and could not find the items. By chance I stopped in the store in Cambridge and found the last item there (bar cart) for some $30 more than in the US.
  • Over winter I purchased some lights which I did not end up using and my husband went to return them well within 90 day limit. In the store that he went, they refused to return them saying it was seasonal item even though it was nowhere marked on the receipt. He argued to no avail. The next day I took it to another store which returned the items no questions asked. 
  • During my shopping trips I have observed same merchandise to be marked down in one store and not another, merchandise that would be without a price or label for couple of weeks, employees who would complain about all sorts of things to one another in front of me on several occasions and many empty shelves. 
Even with all of the above, I would not stop going to Target as one can find some really great decor items. It is also promising that Target has recognized the problem that they have in Canada and it appears that will be doing something about it. It would be a shame for them not to succeed here especially for those of us who will get used to some of the great finds.

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