[decor]: Home Sense Finds


Two weeks in Mexico were more than great but since coming back I just had to hit the stores. In my defense, I am looking hard for outdoor sofa/sectional which a year or so ago I saw and passed on in order to think about it, only to never find it again. I saw a very nice set but neither colour of the wicker nor cushions were what I was looking for.

Here are some of the other finds:

Just loved this little pillow with leather overlay, but at $49 it was a pass.

Cool pillow at really good price ($19 I believe) to give a really good punch to anything.

This bench with shoe storage is a great gray colour at $199.

I really like this screen ($199) and it would work great in my new laundry room to hide unsightly furnace (that we did not end up walling), but it will have to wait. I also like the chair - it would work great for a girl's bedroom.

These two nightstands were already sold - it is rare to be able to find two of something at Home Sense so whoever got this was very lucky.

These were so cute and I was contemplating taking one of them do decorate new laundry room - but I am putting stop to all impulse purchases until we bring all of our decor into newly finished space and reassess. They are $25.

This rack/shelf has that french feel to it and again would probably look great in the laundry even though I would have to work hard to figure out where to place it. But at $49 I had to give it a pass.

Just beautiful - $49.


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