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This is seems to be decor filled week for me as my store visits included Elte Outlet and Crate & Barrel (next post).  I wanted to squeeze in visit to Restoration Hardware Outlet, but there was not enough time.

As title suggests, Elte Outlet is closing. Store has additional sales (in one of the photos below) on top of the already reduced items.  They brought in additional merchandise from Ginger's (a lot of door knobs) and Elte (kid's stuff).  Plans are to open another store that is "bigger and better", "a different concept" as I was told that will be located close to Elte store. This store will be open at least until end of July with additional merchandise potentially coming in. 

Here is what you can expect to see (one would hope as things are flying off the shelves so to speak)...

As you can see these are great savings on top of savings. Unfortunately, upholstered furniture is not included in 20% but is only 10%.  Here are couple of really cool trays.

/1/ as I mentioned above, there are quite a lot of indoor and outdoor door knobs from Ginger's. 
/2/ I noticed pillow above and thought I would run with it thinking there was 30% off $46. Sadly it was 30% off $146, oh well.. 
/3/ there is some great bedding to be had even though I believe a lot of items are already gone from what I remember seeing there before. I found linen pillowcases, but not rest of the sheet set so I had to pass it on.
/4/ there is or at least there was a lot of kid/baby bedding. I took quilted sham and pom-pom blanket. While I was paying, a lady took about 6-7 kids' bedding pieces... I guess I was lucky to arrive before her.

There are some great mirrors there, however price tags still with all the discounts get my hair up. 

All of the above pieces were very affordable. I really rushed and took bad photos on top of forgetting all the prices. I think I worked out that bed would be around $500 which I think you cannot get at Ikea for this type of bed.

Last, but not least, they had one Hickory Chair slipcovered sofa for under $3K when you work in additional discount. 'Nough said!

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