[style] Basement Renovation


We are currently in the process of finalizing our basement renovation. It has been a long road and even though we are mostly left we some several hundred minor things to finish off, it feels almost done.  In preparation for the renovation, I have search long and wide for style inspiration, direction and anything else that I could leverage or replicate. While I was not able to find exactly what I hoped for, several of these images were guiding me to somewhat of the final vision (which really evolved as we embarked on renovation due to new inspirations, budget, and impulse furniture purchases...)

I don't have credit for all of these photos as I typically just save them and hoard them for later use...

via Candice Tells All

 Princess Margaret Home Lottery 2011 via Chamber-of-Babylon

There are some creative designs in the above photos, but above all, there is a relaxed but understated luxurious style in these spaces, especially ones designed by Candice Olson. While I wanted a bit of luxury and relaxed feel, I also wanted to take our basement in a more modern direction with some interesting and unexpected choices while solving our design challenges that we were faced in the space. 


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