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This time last year I was hectically preparing for European trip sans husband with three kids trying to leverage end of my maternity leave. We've traveled to Europe with kids before (North France, South of France, Italy, England, etc.) so I felt I knew what to expect. Being there by myself for good period of time was definitely something new and a bit of an adventure...

Since I kind of made the decision to go just a month before actual departure day, most of my research was spent on trying to decide on itinerary as I've decided against staying at one place for a longer period of time. I've had a lot of flip-flopping in trying to decide if I would go to France west coast, south coast, or skip coast all together.  Mostly due to transportation options (i.e. getting to Germany from France or flying to south of Europe) I've decided against visiting the coast. Since we already spent time in Normandy, Brittany, Loire Valley, Provence and Cote d'Azure, I wanted to also see some other areas. 

Our first stop was Paris where I rented an apartment through HomeAway website for some six days just next to Luxembourg Gardens which I found to be perfect location for us.

This was our second visit to Paris as we visited it with two kids at that time back in 2009. Back then our son was just over one and daughter was 4. We enjoyed 5 days in Paris, walked everywhere, seen all the major sights and just soaked in the atmosphere.  

This time around, I've pretty much have done the same thing - walked a lot, stopped at every single playground (and there is quite a number of them), enjoyed numerous parks and visited sights and museum that we missed the last time. 

Kids quite enjoyed it all, had hundreds of questions and still had a lot of energy after a full day of walking.

We celebrated one of the birthdays at famous LadurĂ©e enjoying what we saw, ate and experienced. 

I cannot wait to repeat this trip even with 4th one in tow. 

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