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When we purchased our house some time ago we were planning to do a number of quick renovations before we moved in. At the time we received advice which we accepted to hold the renovations off until we have lived in a house a bit and had a chance to really see how the house feels, breathes, what we want and need.

We spent a little bit over a year in the house before starting to have some serious conversations about next steps and discussing our dilemmas with variety of people. For quite some time that was pretty much the only topic we could focus on.. We were uncertain if we should invest any money in the current house or save up and pray for some lottery winnings to build a new house. Then reality set in and we discussed different potential projects with builders, architects, family, friends, etc.

Even with all the contemplating and evaluating we ended up making some rush decisions [I'll go more into that in some of the future posts] while others feel right even now, a year later. That year we embarked on the following projects: 

  1. fully gut and renovate two full 2nd floor bathrooms, 
  2. paint exterior of the house, 
  3. renovate two smaller rooms in the basement, 
  4. make small improvements in the front yard (create a pathway leading to house), 
  5. replace different flooring on second floor 
  6. replace all interior doors in the house
  7. replace trim and baseboards
  8. paint, paint, paint

Here are pictures of newly painted exterior (we have done other projects since, but that is another post). 

In this last photo you can see the lights we decided to go with. There were other improvements since then.. (new roof anyone?!)... but that is another post..

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