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Below are photos of our bathrooms that we used for couple of years before we finally decided on what to do with our renovations. We used kids (family) bath and master bathroom on second floor only. Basement bathroom was not in use and you will be able to see why. 

As I mentioned in earlier posts, we went back and forth on what to do in the house (i.e. minor, major renovation or complete tear down and rebuild), but budget and timing prevailed.  It is one thing to endure ugly outdated bathrooms for couple of years, it is quite another not knowing if anything was leaking, if there was hidden mold especially with three kids in a tow.  Upon reviewing the house and talking with many contractors, consensus was that many areas of the house were done by previous homeowners without really knowing what they were doing. I am talking about HVAC, electrical, structural and other work that was very poorly done and required major rework.

Kids (Family) Bath - 2nd floor

This bath is quite narrow and limited, but redeeming point was that it had a small room (area) on the side of it that we decided to open into to enlarge the bathroom. 

We always feared that the ledge next to tub was put to mask another problem - which proved to be true when we opened it - start of mold and leaking problem.

Master Bath - 2nd floor 

Compared to kids' bathroom - our master one was/is even smaller. I've designed bathroom expansion some 4-5 ft into our master bedroom taking away one of the closets below and make up area (first photo).  Layout would have been long and narrow but it would fit double vanity, standalone tub, shower, toilet (of course). I've even purchased the tub at great price point from Costco and had it stored in our garage. When we finally made the decision to renovate our current thinking was that we wanted to invest minimally in the house as our ultimate goal would be to tear the house down and build new as soon as possible. That meant nixing the bath expansion, returning the tub and re-configuring the layout to fit current dimensions.


Guest Bath - basement

I am certain I would not be able to find anyone who would feel welcome using this bathroom which is why it was only used to wash window screens and other utility work. What is not even visible here is that tub had a drain on the opposite side from where the shower controls were. Go figure :)  We are just finishing this bath now with a re-configured layout. 

In the next post I'll go over some of the tile selections for the above bathroom renovations.

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