[home]: Basement Renovation - Starting Point


Over this long and cold winter, my hubby and two older kids were practicing and playing soccer in one of our basement rooms that were already finished. As both rooms are narrow (some 9-10 ft in width) it proved hard for them to move in and feel free to kick the ball around. Yes, it was time to renovate rest of our basement or a storage pit as we liked to call it.

Here are some of the before photos of that part of basement from the time when we were purchasing the house. As you can see, even former owners used it to store all the stuff they might need some time in the distant future.

Well, it is a great starting point as it cannot be made to look worse really. Not sure how visible it is from these photos, but issue really presented how to deal with HVAC and how to ensure optimum ceiling height. In any case, we had our work cut out for us.

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