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In one of the earlier posts I went over our basement inspirations. We had some general ideas of what we wanted to do, but were also very open to making decisions when all the demo was done so that we can truly assess the possibilities and see the space better. Image below is of our basement layout starting point. During this renovation we have focused on the shaded area only as we have previously renovated on our own area on the right. 

Initially I wanted to make the laundry/utility room as big as possible as storage is our #1 issue in the house, but as things went on, I've decided to sacrifice that space to create truly big space where we can relax and entertain. In the image below, you can see rearranged walls making the laundry room smaller and having one big space to the left. As we were thinking about layout, we also considered how the space will be used. One big sticking point was deciding what to do and how to incorporate support post in the middle of the room.  

In the image below we were looking at the following options:
  • create cabinetry and built in desks on our wall facing backyard creating some storage and allowing kids to have area for homework. 
  • create small bar area
  • mask the support post by attaching fireplace (that you can see through from both sides) and have TV on the other side
  • arrange furniture on the wall facing the front entry where we would have about 10x17 ft of space

version 1

This next image is of a variation of version 1 by not creating L shaped cabinetry to allow for bar area but making this part of one big line on the wall looking at backyard.
version 1A

Next image is of another version we considered - where one side of the basement would remain the same as in version 1, while the other side would have a different set up:

  • use laundry/utility room wall to add fireplace and TV plus some built-in bookshelves (or built in look-alikes)
  • leave the support post as is
  • idea with this version was to maximize the open space by not adding any walls attached to the support post plus allowing furniture arrangement another foot or two by not closing it off by another wall like in version 1.
  • also, arraigning furniture to look towards laundry room wall allowed for more space between sofa(s) and TV giving additional space for play and being able to move farther away from big TV.  

version 2

In this very next version (3) we looked to extend the support post by adding a wall parallel to the laundry room wall. Idea here was to use that wall for TV/fireplace and use the back of it for built-in bookshelves and possibly laundry room wall for some narrow desks (that I already found at Ikea) even though it is not pictured below. 

version 3
Which one do you like the best?  Which one would you choose if this was your space?

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