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Here are bathroom layouts and configurations. I have not had them done in great or specific detail as they were for me and I did not feel the need to prepare them the way it would be done for clients (i.e. e-design) . In retrospect it was probably a mistake and over-confidence as I found that I have missed some small details which, in part, are due to renovation realities not always matching what we envision and draw, but at the same time perhaps I would have caught them. 

Even with this lesson during renovation of two 2nd floor bathrooms, I still did not create too many detailed sketches of basement bathroom during this ongoing renovation. I did, however, apply the lesson on some other areas of basement renovation and I am glad that I did.

Here are, oh no so interesting, layouts...

Kids Bath

Here is the original layout and as described earlier, it has small bathroom area with additional room on the side.

Original Layout

Version 1

There was several versions of this bathroom created as we were contemplating extension over garage and we would had to allow for a hallway leading to that new room. In 8-9 months of our thinking and rethinking plans, budgets and timing of it all, we have since abandoned the idea of extension. 

I cannot find the latest version but what we kept from version 1 is where the tub is. We have put vanity on opposite wall and toilet is next to tub. Small rectangle next to tub is necessary due to stairwell below.

Master Bath

First image is original layout while second one is one of the versions that we have created planning to extend the master bath into our bedroom. We have since abandoned the idea of extension and only reconfigured the placement of vanity to better fit double vanity.

 Original Layout

Version 1

Basement Bath

As I mentioned above we have made some small configuration changes by changing the location of the door to be opposite window, toilet under the window, vanity on the wall where doors used to be, removing small closet and replacing tub with shower.

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