[decor] Weekly Roundup


As we are knee-deep in our basement renovation I find that I am visiting stores almost daily looking for items, deals and inspiration. It helps that I am not currently working (even though it hurts the wallet of course) and that I need couple of hours to myself after taking kids to school and looking after the 22-month old little Denis the Menace... 

Here are some of the latest finds...

First from Home Sense. As you can see I have lamps on my mind. I am searching for a pair of lamps to put on our yet non-existent console table behind our new RH sofa in almost finished basement. 

This was an amazing looking lamp immediately caught my attention, but at more than $500 price tag I had to give it a pass... Interestingly enough on my next trip to the same store (which was shortly after), the lamp was already gone.

I left the store and came back about an hour later to find that the sectional below was already gone... That is Home Sense for you...

When I saw this middle lamp (there was two of them) I was immediately pleased with myself being able to find what I wanted without even knowing that it was what I wanted.  It was, however, just my luck that each lamp cost about $260.

Following items I found at Target:

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