[decor]: Sofa Search - Part II


As per part one our sofa search took us to many different stores and to some of the stores many different times. 

3. Cornerstone Home Interiors

One such store was Cornerstone Home Interiors both in their Toronto and Cambridge locations. Cambridge location is bigger and displays bigger selection. There are also some price differences between the two stores for same items. Delivering from Cambridge is not an issue as they would ship the item(s) to Toronto store and then you would just do regular delivery.

Here are some of the finds out of which first two we seriously considered:

We liked this sofa as it feels very inviting. It has linen/cotton slipcovers that are not white, down filling, it is deep enough (41 in) and wide enough (about 90 in). However, the sofa felt too worn out, like one owned it already for 5 years, plus colour while nice had an undertone that I did not think I wanted to work with. Price was $1200.

We really liked this sectional as it has met many of our search criteria - slip covered, 100% cotton, one seat cushion, decent price at about $1800. Cons were the seat depth at only 36 inches and I really hoped to get something that is not white.

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