[decor]: Sofa Search - Part I


As I've mentioned in earlier posts, we have searched for a sofa (or sectional) anywhere we could think of for both our upstairs and basement family rooms. That search took us to many different stores all around the extended city (GTA), Halton and even Cambridge.  

Our search criteria (in no particular order):

  • Slipcovered 
    • With 4 kids that is a must especially as I wanted to avoid having to wrap the sofa in plastic in order to let anyone sit on it.
  • Hard-wood frame
    • Wanted a good quality sofa with good frame. It happened with one of our previous sofa's from Ikea (which we loved btw) that a teenager sat on it too hard I guess, and broke the frame. We need something to sustain the abuse.
  • Natural fabrics, preferably 100% (cotton, linen)
    • I am almost obsessed with natural fabrics and have passed up a big number of items due to their fabrics. To me there is nothing that compares to natural fabrics.
  • Price
    • While we were ready to pay more for a good sofa we liked, the prospect of kids abusing it and not feeling anxious around it meant that we were not ready to pay 'crazy' money for it (however that we defined crazy). While we never really ruled anything out as we wanted to be guided with what felt right, somehow paying 5K or more for a sofa at this point did not sit well with us. 
    • I also found that as the search went on our price ranges and limits changed as they were shaped with what we saw.
  • At least 38 inches deep for at least one of the sofa's
    • We wanted something deep enough that you can truly put your feet up and be comfortable to sleep in for those evenings when you fall asleep watching a movie.
  • At most 42 inches deep 
    • As I am not extremely tall (or just tall) I found it hard to sit, or get up from deeper sofas.
  • Size
    • We were limited by the size of our upstairs family room as it is a very narrow room so the sofa for that space had to be maximum 7 feet. For basement one we are able to accommodate bigger size sofa or sectional and preferred to get something bigger.
  • One or maximum two seat cushions 
    • Perhaps it is just a perception on our part, but we felt that one or two seat cushions were always more comfortable than ones with three. There is also question of limiting the number of places kids toys can get into the sofa.

Here are some of the sofa's we saw and places we visited. More places/sofas in Part II:

1. Elte

When I visited Elte couple of years ago looking for a sofa for our upstairs family room, I fell in love with one of the sectionals I found there that was about $3.5K. It just had the look that I wanted. At that time we could not fit that sectional in our upstairs family room and basement wasn't even planned at the time. Of course, on my search this time around, that sectional was nowhere to be found and everything I did find did not justify $7K and up price tag to me.

Here are some of the sectionals we saw - not that they checked all the criteria above:

I like the lines of this sectional, but I am a bit skeptical on how practical it would be for us as it is made up of two parts really and all I kept envisioning was was kids getting stuck between the chaise and sofa. At about $3K it looked like a good piece of furniture, but without it being slipcovered it was placed in a 'no' column quickly. 
Similar to the above one but with double the price tag. Same issues plus that I did not think the velvet would work well for the family. I liked the colour though.

I liked the lines, colour, how modern it felt but still could be comfortable, one seat cushions. No slipcovers, not deep enough, big price tag.

As its name says it all, it is a place where all 'unwanted' Elte furniture ends up to my delight as the prices are substantially lower.  Here is some of the selection we found here:

Liked two big seat cushions, not very deep but deep enough; not fully slipcovered, but all the cushions are; cotton-blend, like the lines, like the price (about $1,100).

I took a picture of this arraignment more for the cocktail coffee table than sectional as it is example of everything we were not looking for.

Again, liked the coffee table, sectional happened to make it in the picture. Like the lines but not practical for us.

Yet again, coffee table... This sectional looks very stiff, narrow, too many cushions.

Liked that it has slipcovered cushions, price, colour, reminds me of Crate and Barrel's Lounge Sofa, however too many cushions. 


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