[decor]: Searching for a Desk


I really love visiting garage sales on Saturday mornings and have made a number of finds over the years. I have managed to find a beautiful white desk for my oldest daughter for some $20 that is still serving her well.

As this winter has been replaced by cold and wet spring I still did not venture to any garage sales brave enough to start and am on the lookout for a desk for my son's room on kijjiji and stores. I am looking for something either more industrial looking or a wooden desk that I can paint in say dark blue. 

Here are some of the finds so far:

I found this at Target - while I am not crazy about it, I like it enough as a Plan B in case I do not find anything else as it has that industrial feel to it. It is also the right size for the space. It lacks, however, drawers which I think are a must for a kids room. I think it is about $100.

I fell in love with this teak desk from Kijjiji that owner was asking $300 for but was willing to give it for $200. I saw it as an investment piece as this is a desk one can put anywhere else in the house or kid can take with him to university (one can hope). Top needed some refinishing, but other than that looked great. Just as I was about to pick it up I remembered to check the dimensions - it was too big for the space and I had to pass it up.  A week later a similar desk was being sold for $175, go figure...

Found this desk also on Kijjiji and at $15 is in the lead. What has proved to be a problem is getting to it as all arraignments so far with the owner proved fruitless. Idea is to redo it, replace handles if possible and repaint it dark blue.

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