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During our latest renovation of our basement we have been searching high and low for a good affordable sofa or sectional. To my surprise, I discovered that there is a Restoration Hardware outlet store close by [being in Canada this is a really big deal as on top of US prices for RH merchandise we pay 20% duty, tax and shipping]... To my even bigger surprise, one could find some nifty deals there. On top of already reduced furniture, store would feature additional savings, 25%, 40% off, etc...

Our first purchase was actually marlowe wide dresser for our son's room. 

Dresser had a small problem with one of its drawers as it was not easy to slide it in and out. Actually, once we got home, it fully broke. I've removed the part and had a carpenter replicate it.  While the dresser is a success just as keeping most of my son's mess off the floor, it gives me even bigger satisfaction looking at it. 

On one of the next trips, I managed to find absolutely beautiful linen sheets for my two girls. I've decided to get them the same lilac pattern.  While I have been searching for linen bedding for myself for the longest time that I can actually feel good about paying for, at least I managed to find this bedding for girls at really great price point (full sheets and crib sheet/pillow were under $100).

Here are some of the pics from the trip to the store from last week:

I ended up leaving with couple of Luxe Faux Fur Pillows:

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